Rebuild the ancient ruins. Restore the places long devastated. Renew the ruined cities.

Isaiah 61:4

Meet therapist Dr. Stokes  

Dr. Stokes is a trusted professional with over twenty-five years experience. She is a licensed clinical social worker who also holds a PhD in Educational Psychology/Human Development. She is trusted, professional and compassionate.

A Faith-Rooted Safe Space  

New Leaf Therapy seeks to embody faith-rooted values by centering the gospel as an anchor and beacon of hope. Dr. Stokes believes that therapy creates a safe space to honor the inherent value and worth of each individual. As a therapist and Christian, she is uniquely positioned to offer therapy from her deep convictions and faith imperatives. She also respects her client’s differing spiritual and faith perspectives. New Leaf Therapy’s mission is to provide a safe, authentic space to promote healing, restoration and relational connection.

Professional & Trusted

New Leaf Therapy provides trusted, compassionate professionalism and is dedicated to the following values and principles:

Respect For and Acceptance of Diverse Populations: respect for and acceptance of unique individual characteristics and the diversity of the human family.

Individual Worth and Dignity: regard for individual worth and dignity, and advance therapeutic relationships by mutual participation, acceptance, confidentiality, honesty, and responsible handling of conflict.

Individual’s Right to Independent Decisions: respect for individuals’ right to make independent decisions and to participate actively in the healing process.

Systems and Resources: commit to connect clients with needed resources and collaboration with networks and systems.