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You are so brave and courageous to start this journey.

Life can be tough, and sometimes even excruciating–relationships get broken, we experience transitions, we lose people we love, those who are supposed to love us hurt us, the unthinkable happens, life shifts under our feet when we least expect it, and so much more. In those times when we don’t feel of value and in the brokenness of our lives, therapy can help ease the pain and towards a healthy life. You are not alone.

At New Leaf Therapy, Dr. Stokes would be honored to walk with you through your process of discovery, healing and restoration.

In order to walk on the therapeutic journey together, it’s important that you know a little bit about your therapist. Trust is a common factor in therapeutic relationships that leads to change. Dr. Stokes is a trusted, compassionate professional.

Who is Dr. Stokes?

She earned a Ph.D. in Human Development & Educational Psychology at the University of South Dakota in 2008, and she is a (LISW) licensed independent social worker. She received a bachelor’s degree in social work from Northwestern College in 1993 and earned a Master of Social Work degree at the University of Nebraska in Omaha in 1997.  She served as executive director of The Bridge, a transitional housing agency in Orange City. She previously spent seven years as a therapist at Northwestern, including four as co-director of student counseling services at Northwestern College, Iowa. She also has worked as a program supervisor at the Council on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence and as a social worker at the Crittenton Center in Sioux City.

In addition to being a practicing therapist, she has taught at Northwestern College since 2008 and is a tenured professor and conference speaker. She was the 2012 recipient of the college’s Teaching Excellence Award. And in her spare time, she loves bird watching, horses, sitting by the lake, and yoga. She values time with close friends, family and travel.

She shares her life with her partner and husband of over 25 years, Mike. Together they’ve raised three biological children, and they invited two Latino boys into their home when the boys were teenagers. Their lives together have been challenging and rewarding. Sharing life together always is.

Where did the name, New Leaf, come from?

Issues and conflict happens in everyone’s life, including the life of a therapist. Dr. Stokes’ teenage son was experiencing a difficult period in his life. One evening, during a particularly challenging conversation, she noticed the trees outside the window. She asked him to go outside with her. She asked him, “Buddy, look at the tree branches. What do you see?” He replied, “New leaf buds.” She replied, “That’s right. Every year that tree has renewed life. Just like how our Creator gives a chance for new life in this tree, it is so in our lives as well. His mercies are new every morning. No matter what mess you are experiencing, you can begin anew–a chance for a new start – a chance to turn a new leaf in your life.”  With that, the name, New Leaf Therapy, was conceived.

Are you ready to turn a new leaf?

If you take the step to engage New Leaf Therapy, you will be respected, heard, and challenged to grow. But, growth is ultimately in your hands. Dr. Stokes would love to journey with you.

Dr. Valerie Stokes

New Leaf Therapy Services

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